Believe in yourself.

Hi I’m Matthew, I am Juliet’s boyfriend and I have never ever written a blog post, however this here is my attempt
at one. Juliet came to me and asked me if i would like to write a post which would be published to her website, so I wanted to take this opportunity but I was not sure exactly what to write about. But as I sat there currently unemployed and not at university as I had planned for so many years it hit me. I have chosen to postpone university and completely change what I am studying, to pursue a dream of mine, so that is what I should write about.

For many years I had my heart set on going to study either Law or History but not because this is what my heart desired but simply rather because it is what people told me was a good choice and would bring me money. Two criteria you should not overly concern yourself. Life can be made a lot easier by the possession of money, but obtaining it should not be your primary drive, follow your passions and with enough

img_79221.jpgwork and open mindedness money will find its way to you with all of the other successes you desire. I thought I was going to university to study History (I even had my place ready in my university of choice) but the more I thought about it the more I realised I wanted more out of my life. I wanted to wake up every morning and love my job and therefore my life. So, I decided to postpone university and work for a year and save up to travel the world and find myself. This choice was scary of course and I did not find much support even in my parents but sometimes you have to follow your heart and ignore the advice of others, if you wish to achieve something then you can’t always take the advice of those who have not managed to reach the level or who have not experienced that in which you desire.

I hope that through reading this you can understand that I, someone who has always listened to what everyone else has told me was right and lived with the thought I would just live a life under the pressure of society and money, can in fact break out of this mind-set and follow a real goal and a real freedom. You too can achieve your goals, screw it go travelling it won’t do any harm and university will always be there when you get back! There are things out there in the world that you cannot learn in a classroom. I believe in you, you can truly achieve anything you set your mind to all you need to do is realise the work that needs to be put in and then have yourself in the correct mind-set and the right opportunities will present themselves and you must take them.


Going back to the point I mentioned earlier of which I intended to study History, I now have embraced a passion I have long held and one which has always been repressed by myself and those around me. I now seek to study music production. Music is a passion I have always had, music has always been there in times of desperation and depression, music is always a solution of sorts and an escape. From a young age, I always wanted a drum kit but I was always told that we could not afford it and it would be “too loud”. I use to tell people in my primary school that I wanted to be like Eminem (I wasn’t quite right but it is still the same path). Although people told me I could not do it I always kept the passion with me and now at the age of 18 I have finally found an outlet in which I can create music in which I can express my feelings and create compositions with intricate stories and personalities. I write about this because I want you the reader to truly understand how lucky we are to have this life and how it needs to be grasped, you only have a finite time on this planet so why not make the most of it. Find your passion and pursue it, with enough work you can achieve anything, I believe in you and more importantly you need to believe in yourself.

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