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Positivity, empowerment and spreading love. When I was younger, I wish I had someone to tell me that it was OK to be me. That sounds ridiculous! But society had told me that all my cute quirks where not so cute. I was absorbed into the scene of tight tummies and how to loose 10lbs in 7 days. So, I am doing this for the 13 year old Juliets out there. All that makes you different makes you special. I want to show young people that you can achieve your dream life and access all of your goals through positive thinking and spreading love everyday. As Jen Sincero (Google her, she is so cool) said, you have to stop thinking about changing your life and just do it! Don’t turn down any opportunities, whether they turn out to be a positive or a negative experience, you will always find a lesson learnt.

I’m not perfect, and I don’t always abide to my own advice that I give out. But by helping others, I hope to better myself. I dream of building a community of like minded individuals where we can all care for one another.







Founded by Juliet Morris, a girl who loves yoga, running and eating tonnes of vegan food.

I am always grateful for contributions to my blog.

For collaborations, general business enquiries or contributions: julietmorrisolivia@gmail.com


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